How to Make Solid Easter Bunnies

Hey Everyone! Ever wonder how to make a 3D chocolate bunny? Or how people pour the chocolate into the mold? Today you will see the trick and how simple they are to make!

When making solid Easter bunnies, clip molds together with binder clips to hold the two sides together.

Then, fill completely with chocolate and place in the dry beans standing up. We like to use dry beans because it helps to hold the mold completely straight in the freezer and you can put several molds in at a time! Fill a large container, or even a shoe box with about 2-3 bags of beans! You need plenty of beans so it will form around the mold. It’s an inexpensive way to hold the mold and a tip that we love to use!

When your mold is ready, take it out of the freezer and take off all the clips. Take off one side of the mold and place it back on. Then turn and lift off the other side of the mold. This helps so you don’t have to touch the chocolate too much and avoids fingerprints. Candy gloves work wonderful, also!

I hope this post helps answer your questions on how to make Solid Easter Bunnies! Kids and adults alike love a chocolate bunny around the Easter time!

Happy Candy Making,

 Christy Marie


Gumpaste & Fondant….What’s the Difference?

fondant_satinice_montreal02-0586-180   One of the most common questions I get asked every day is, “What is the difference between gumpaste and fondant?” Many people who come in and want to work with fondant or gumpaste for the first time are confused about which one is better to use for their particular cake project. They look exactly the same, sometimes on the outside, depending on the brand, as well as on the inside. I thought this would be a perfect question to explain on here!

                                     The most simple answer to our questions is, Fondant is used to cover a cake and gumpaste is used to make flowers, bows and 3-D creations.

Fondant is a soft, pliable, roll-able  icing to cover cakes, cupcakes and even cookies. It comes in an assortment of different colors as well as flavors (depending on the brand). My favorite brand to use is Satin Ice. Satin Ice is wonderful to work with and tastes good as well! The ladies and I at the shop even sometimes eat it right out of the bucket! I will be honest though, not all fondant has a good taste and is not so fun to work with. If you heard not so good things about fondant or have used it in the past and didn’t care for it, I defiantly recommend giving it another try! 🙂

Gum paste is a soft, mold-able substance used to make flowers, figurines, and other decorations. It will dry very quickly, while fondant doesn’t dry as quickly. It is very strong when dry, but will break if dropped or bumped. Gum pastes takes like an un-flavored neco wafer. You never want to cover your cake in gumpaste.  If you want to make sugar flowers you want to use gumpaste. You can roll the gum paste thinner, so your flowers have a more realistic look to them, rather than fondant. Gumpaste also dries faster, so it will keeps its shape.

You can also mix fondant and gum paste together and get the best of both worlds: the flexibility of fondant and the strength of gum paste. We refer to this as a 50/50 mixture. Any time you want to make figurines or something 3D, I always use half gumpaste and half fondant.

To sum it up….If you are covering a cake, you want to use Fondant. If you want to make sugar flowers, 3-D accents and even bows, you want to use gumpaste.  50/50 mixture is used to make figurines. Hope this helped clear up the difference between the two!

Be sure to see our selection of Satin Ice fondant that we carry at the shop! Also, click here to go to Satin Ice’s website to watch some fun video tutorials on how to work with fondant! 🙂

Happy Baking,

             Christy Marie

A flower spray made out of Gumpaste

Easy & Delicious Recipe: Mint Crackers

Hello Everyone! Today I wanted to share a super easy and delicious recipe that is very popular at the store! If your a fan of the Mint Girl Scout cookies or just love mint flavor anything, this is definitely a recipe you should try! I recently made these mint crackers to take to a friends house and they were a big hit! The best part is you only need two ingredients to make it… that’s my kind of recipe!

Here is what you will need:

  • 1 lb of Dark Chocolate Mint Coating
  • Ritz Crackers


(If you don’t have the Dark Chocolate Mint Coating available where you are, just add 15 drops of Peppermint oil to your dark chocolate coating, pictured below. )


Melt Dark Chocolate Mint Coating. Dip the Ritz crackers and coat completely. Using a dipping fork, drain excess chocolate
and allow to set up on Parchment paper.

Optional : To decorate, sprinkle jimmies on top of the crackers before the chocolate sets up.

You can also drizzle colored chocolate on top as well!





Once the crackers are set, you can arrange them on a nice platter, or do what I did, in a candy box.

These crackers make  perfect hostess. birthday, thank you or ‘just because’ gifts! They are so easy and will be sure to be a hit where ever you take them. Your friends and family won’t believe it a Ritz cracker! It’s up to you if you would like to tell them your secret and how difficult they were to make 🙂

Happy Baking,

 Christy Marie