Add Sparkle to your next cake!

Our Diamond Wrap been getting a lot of attention at the shop! Almost everyone who stops in, mentions or compliments the cake! It’s looks beautiful and can add such an elegant touch to your cake. Not only is it great to wrap around cakes, but as well as cupcake stands, wedding bouquets, tables, candles, vases, cake stands and more! We’ve  had a lot of crafters who’ve been enjoying it too! So what is this Diamond wrap? It is a bendable, simulated rhinestone ribbon. It’s easy to cut and doesn’t fray. The ribbon bends to fit around all shapes and sizes! Ideal for Weddings, Bridal Showers, Anniversaries, Sweet 16s and more! This diamond wrap will be sure to be the talk of the occasion! Available in Gold or Silver. $2.00 a foot.

Next time you’re making a cake, why not add some bling!

-Christy Marie


My Favorite Baking Tools!

Hello Everyone! Today I am going to show you my favorite go-to tools when I’m in the kitchen baking! These are all great products and a must-have of mine when I am baking a cake! Let me know if you use any of these products or tools and what your favorite go-to tool is!

1. Professional Pans– When baking a cake, the quality of your pan has a lot to do with how your cake turns out. I love using the professional pans that we offer at the shop because they bake more evenly and last forever!

2. CK Pan Grease- This is a must have when baking in a cake pan! No Flour needed! Just brush a thin layer of pan grease in your pans! It is great to have on hand for character pans, as it gets right down in all the details! We suggest to apply it with either a pastry brush or your hand, rather than a paper towel. When using paper towels, you are wiping away more of the pan grease than you are applying.

3. Silicone Brush- This is my favorite brush to use when applying pan grease! I love using my pink silicone brush and it gets right into the small areas! The best part is I can drop it right in the dishwasher!

4. Magi-Cake Strips– These strips really do work magic! Do you ever have trouble with your cakes coming out uneven? These strips help prevent  high-rise centers, cracked tops and crusty edges and your cake bakes evenly! All you do is soak the strips in water and after squeezing the excess water off, simply wrap around your cake pan and pin together.

5. Cake Tester- Another favorite tool of mine is a cake tester! I not only use it to test to see if my cakes or cupcakes are done, I use it when I am cooking meals as well! I also love to use the tester when I am taking my cupcakes out of my pan. Simply stick the tester down between the pan and the cupcake paper and the cupcake will pop right out! I have about 4 cake testers in my kitchen because I am so worried I won’t be able to find one! Say goodbye to toothpicks! also great when cleaning out your decorating cake tips!

Easy Dog Treats!

Hello Everyone! Today I will be showing you how easy it is to dip dog treats! We’ve all seen them, from the high-end puppy boutiques to even the pet stores, those delicious, coated dog treats! They’re usually packaged in a cute little bag and tied with a ribbon, along with a premium price tag. I have to admit… I am a sucker when it comes to my dogs and I’ve purchased many of these “Gourmet Dog Treats.” People will buy anything for their pets…after all they’re part of the family! See how easy these treats are to make and your own pooch will be so proud!


  • Yogurt Coating
  • Carob Coating
  • Dipping Fork
  • Milk-Bones or Any Dog Treats
  • Doggie Treat Bags & Ribbon (optional)

    First pour about 1/2 pound of Yogurt or Carob coating into a Pyrex measuring cup. Place in the microwave and heat for 35-45 seconds. Take out  and stir when ready. Even though the coating is not completely melted, be sure to stir. Coatings melt from the inside out and even though it doesn’t look like it’s melting- it is.

Then place back in the microwave for another 30 seconds and then 15 second intervals after that. Take out and stir. *Tip- If you notice that your coating is on the thicker side, add in a Tablespoon of Paramount Crystals. This helps thin your coating down to and makes it go further. It’s great to have on hand!

The coating should be completely melted and ready to dip! Be sure to have wax or parchment paper down for your dipped treats.

Dip treats in the melted Yogurt and about 1/2 way and hold above and let the coating drain. You can even tap the treat against the pyrex cup to help with draining.

Lay treats on top parchment paper to dry.

You can also coat the entire treat with Carob or Yogurt using a dipping fork. The one shown is my favorite go-to dipping fork! It’s the best when working with chocolate covered Oreos, pretzels, dog treats and more!

If you would like to drizzle on your treats, just take your dipping fork and dip it in the opposite coating used to coat the treat. Then go back and forth and drizzle on top! As you can see in the picture, you can even drizzle on a treat that is not coated!

Another option is the dog treat candy mold to make up bite-size dog treats! Just melt your Carob or Yogurt and fill mold! Place in the freezer to set up and when ready the treats will come right out! Tip- To find out if your mold is ready, just take it out of  the freezer and hold the mold up. If the cavities are all foggy and there are no wet spots, that means that it’s ready and has shrunken away from the mold. If you see any wet spots, just place it back in the freezer for a little more time.

Packaging is everything! Imagine how cute these treats would be inside these doggie bags! We have a couple different bags to choose from at the shop and even dog paw ribbon! These treats are great to give as gifts around the holidays for your favorite furry friends! I know your pooch will enjoy these as much as mine do!

Christy Marie 

Welcome !

Hello everyone and welcome to our blog! I hope you find all sorts of sweet information here! From tutorials and recipes to what’s new at the shop, this will be a great way to keep up with Christy Marie’s! Check back for more updates soon!

Happy Decorating!

-Christy Marie